LB37 Controller
Product Specification
TNC Scooters

LB37 - Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage
48 Volts
Rated Current
10 - 50 Amps
Rated Motor
800 - 1500 Watts
Rated Charger
≤ 3.0 Amps
Conversion Efficency
Under Voltage Protection
41.0± 1.0 Volts
Speed Control
(Twist or Thumb Throttle) Hall Effect
11.1 cm x 6.9 cm x 3.8 cm

LB37 - Protection Circuits

Under Voltage Protection
When battery voltage falls to a specified
value, the controller cuts off battery output
preventing over discharge and extending
battery life. (The cutoff value is
approximately 41.0± 1.0 volts, but varies
drastically from controller to controller.)
Power Cut Off During Braking
When underway the brake switch signals the
controller to cut the battery output.

LB37 - Installation & Wiring

Power Connector
Connector Plug:
Motor Connector
Connector Plug:
Lock Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7021A-2.8-11
Derailleur Connector
Connector Plug:
Charger Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7031A-2.8-21
Pilot Light Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7021A-28.11
Brake Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7021A-2.8-11


  • Make the Battery Connector the last connection to connect.
  • The wire comming from the battery should be fuse protected.