CT-660B9 Controller
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CT-660B9 - Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage
36 Volts
Rated Current
40 Amps
Rated Motor
≤ 1000 Watts
Rated Charger
≤ 3.0 Amps
Conversion Efficency
Under Voltage Protection
30.5± 0.5 Volts
95 mm x 76 mm x 38 mm

CT-660B9 - Protection Circuits

Current Limiting
This prevents the motor current from exceeding the specified value avoiding damage to the motor and the controller due to over current conditions.
Under Voltage Protection
When battery voltage falls to a specified value, the controller cuts off battery output preventing over discharge and extending battery life.
(The cutoff value is approximately 30.5± 0.5 volts, but varies drastically from controller to controller.)
Power Cut Off During Braking
When underway the brake switch signals the controller to cut the battery output.

CT-660B9 - Installation & Wiring

Battery Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7022-6.3-11
Motor Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7022-6.3-21
Six Wire Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7061A-2.8-21

Lock Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7031A-2.8-11
Power Indicator
Connector Plug: EL-2P Male Plug
Charger Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7031A-2.8-21
Brake Light Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7021A-2.8-11


  • Make the Battery Connector the last connection to connect.
  • The wire comming from the battery should be fuse protected.