CT-201C6 Controller
Product Specification
TNC Scooters

CT-201C6 - Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage
24 Volts
Max Current
30 Amps
Rated Motor
≤ 500 Watts
Rated Charger
≤ 3.0 Amps
Conversion Efficency
Under Voltage Protection
20.5 Volts
Speed Control
Twist or Thumb Throttle
(Hall Effect)
88 mm x 62 mm x 35 mm

CT-201C6 - Protection Circuits

Current Limiting
This prevents the motor current from
exceeding the specified value avoiding
damage to the motor and the controller
due to over current conditions.
Under Voltage Protection
When battery voltage falls to a specified
value, the controller cuts off battery output
preventing over discharge and extending
battery life. (The cutoff value is
approximately 20.5 volts, but varies
drastically from controller to controller.)
Over Speed Prevention While Charging
When charging, the controller renders the
throttle temporarily inoperable, preventing
mistaken manipulation. (This function is
not available in some applications.)
Power Cut Off During Braking
When underway the brake switch signals the
controller to cut the battery output.

CT-201C6 - Installation & Wiring

Power Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7022-6.3-11
See Notes: 1
Motor Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7022-6.3-21
Derailleur Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7041A-2.8-21
Charger Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7031A-2.8-21
Brake Connector
Connector Plug: DJ7021A-2.8-11


    1. Make the Power Connector your last connection when installing.