YK43B Controller
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YK43B - Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage
24 to 60 Volts
Rated Current
30 - 100 +/- 1.0 Amps
Rated Motor
Up to 1000 Watts
Conversion Efficency
Under Voltage Protection
Speed Control
Hall Effect Throttle
(1 - 4 Volts) Included with controller.
105mm x 115mm x 48mm (L x W x H)

YK43B - Installation & Wiring

Battery Connector
Connector Plug:

See Notes: 1 & 2
Motor Connector
Connector Plug:
Throttle Connector
Connector Plug:


    1. Make your battery connection your last connection.
    2. When connecting the controller to the battery a spark may occur this is normal.